Rose Petal Confiture

Finnish Plant’s Rose Petal Confiture is lovingly made, straight from the field to the table. The flowers of the organic rose are collected by hand from June to September and only the best ones are suitable as raw material for the confiture. The sugar content (25g / 100g) is moderate, as the main ingredient is the raw material itself, the Rosa Rugosa Hybrid.

This organic delicacy is the perfect gift for the culinary artist, opening up a world of new flavour combinations. It is a treat in the hands of both professionals and home cooks and provides a fantastic base for the creation of new food and drink experiences.

The taste of the Rose Petal Confiture is fresh, slightly bitter and lingering. It is a perfect companion for cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, chocolate, duck, game dishes, lamb and white fish. You can also make a range of tasty marinades.

For noble food and drink experiences. Loved by top chefs. The perfect culinary gift.

Product information

Average energy content 100g:
energy 459kJ / 110Kcal
carbohydrates 27g
(of which sugars 25g)
fat 0g
protein 0g
salt 0g

water, sugar, rose petal * (15%), currant *, lemon *, thickener pectin, acidity regulator citric acid

*organic production

The confiture is best stored cool and protected from light. Shelf life 11 months from manufacturing. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within a week.

Consumer product 120g, glass jar EAN: 6430048400014
Product for professional kitchen 460g, glass jar EAN: 6430048400021

Freeze dried Rose Petals

Finnish Plant produces freeze dried rose petals from the organic Rosa Rugosa Hybrid variety in their own freeze dryer. Freeze drying flowers requires special equipment and a precise process. However, this method retains the colour, flavour and nutrients exceptionally well.

Freeze dried rose petals are used in professional kitchens for garnishing and seasoning food and drinks.

The petals are, amongst other things, the perfect companion for chocolate and champagne flavours. True luxury!

The product is available for professional use in 30 g airtight bag.

Freeze dried organic Rosa Rugosa hybrid petal.

For garnishing and seasoning food and drinks.

Flavour pairings for Rose

  • Cocktails (champagne, Prosecco)
  • Desserts (yogurt and curd)
  • Pastries (chocolate flavours)
  • Meat (duck, sheep, game)
  • Fish and seafood (white fish)
  • Cheeses (Gruyere, blue cheese)
  • Sauces (lemon and fruit flavours)
  • Soups (pea, tomato)
  • Drink mixes (herbal tea, elderflower)

Oysters / Sparkling wine and cheeses / Cheeses and wild herbs / Chocolate and pistachios / White fish