Taste the Rose

Finnish Plant breeds and grows Finnish edible roses in Vampula, South West Finland. The Rosa Rugosa Hybrid, which is grown under the midnight sun, is the perfect combination of healthy anthocyanins and inimitable flavour. See where to get!

“As the wind sweeps through the field, I hear music in the rustle of the rose petals. As soon as the opportunity arises I must get to the piano. For a music loving farmer, the source of creativity opens behind the windows of home.”

Matti about “Working with Roses”


Finnish Plant‘s Rose Petal Confiture is lovingly made, straight from field to table. This organic delicacy is the perfect gift for the culinary artist, opening up a world of new flavour combinations.

Finnish Plant’s freeze dried Rose Petals are made from the organically grown Rosa Rugosa Hybrid rose in the company‘s own freeze dryer. This preserves the wonderful colour, taste and nutrients.

The taste of the Rose Petal Confiture is fresh, slightly bitter and lingering. It helps create noble food and drink experiences. For example, Rose Petal Confiture makes tasty marinades and drink mixes.


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The rose is a happiness mood food. The rose inspires. A rose adds romance. A rose creates a celebration. Here, you can find a selection of delicious recipes. Check them out and fall in love with our Goodies here..


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Image: Action Finland

Finnish Plant’s Rose Petal Confiture is conquering the world and many top chefs have fallen in love with the opportunities it creates for new dishes and flavours. The product has been warmly welcomed by journalists, too, with French and German media influences visitng Finnish Plant in Vampula. Read more: Rosy experiences.


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The rose is the queen of flowers but did you know that it is also a real health bomb? The rose has been used at dining table since time immemorial. The Rosa Rugosa Hybrid, with its excellent nutritional values and sophisticated taste, is ideal as an edible rose. Check out the versatile rose in the articles here!


Tuuli and Matti run their farm which has been in Matti‘s family for generations. In the fields in Vampula, western Finland, there are 20 km of organic roses. Originally, it all started with Matti’s ambitions for music. But when his attempt to conquer the world of percussion with his Finnish Percussion Conga drums failed with the collapse of the dollar, he was left with a passion to do something else unique. When Matti met Tuuli, he found a partner who shared his passion for roses. Soon, it became clear to the couple that they wanted to grow roses professionally and now, the letters FP stand for Finnish Plant instead of Finnish Percussion. Read more.


Finnish Plant‘s Rose Petal Confiture is the talk of the town and the cause of a flurry of action in professional and home kitchens across Europe. Check out the latest goings on, say hello and leave us some feedback!


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