How to use

The Rose Petal Confiture’s sophisticated aroma and it’s fine aftertaste lead its eater in to a new world of glorious taste combinations.

The confiture has a rosy, assertive and fresh taste, which expands and supports strong tastes such as sweet, spicy and sour. For cheese the confiture is not too sweet, so it can exquisitely highlights its own taste without covering it completely.

New tastes for familiar foods!

The Finnish Plant Rose Petal Confiture has a lot to offer for desserts. You can use the confiture as a spice in cooking and for softening tastes like vinegar.

It goes well with various foods such as:


  • Cheese
  • Natural yogurts
  • Chocolates, desserts, pastries
  • Vegetarian foods i.e. mushroom soup
  • Game, lamb
  • Duck, chicken and turkey
  • Fish i.e. herring
  • Dressings
  • Drinks and tea

The confiture’s texture is more gelatinous when cold. In room temperature, the confiture is a more runny consistency, and, therefore, suits better for drinks and ice cream. The confiture can be frozen.


Mix a spoonful of Rose Petal confiture into a glass of sparkling wine or champagne. The contrast between the acidity and the sweetness of the rose is enchanting. In a non-alcoholic version of the drink you can replace the sparkling wine with elderberry drink concentrate and carbonated water.