Rose Petal Confiture

The Finnish Plant Rose Petal Confiture is produced from the flowers of Rosa Rugosa that we cultivate on our farm.

The confiture draws its delicate flavor out of the Northern climate and the long summer nights full of daylight.

The Rose Petal Confiture leads its eater in to a new world of glorious taste combinations. the confiture has a rosy, assertive and fresh taste, which expands and supports strong tastes such as sweet, spicy and sour. The fine aftertaste of the confiture is long lasting.

Confiture’s main ingredient is organic rose petal, obtained from roses cultivated without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

The petals contain high amounts of antocyanins which are healthy flavonoids. The confiture contains 25 % organic sugar and currant as well as lemon that are added for taste and flavor. Other ingredients are water, pectin and citric acid, no other preservatives are added.